Text Message Screens

When I lived in Boston (right on the Brighton/Brookline border actually) T’s Pup was a weekly stop with the after work crowd. An easy two stops on the T from MFPOW it was the favorite gathering spot at least twice a week.

It’s been a long time since I’ve stepped foot inside T’s, but tonight I stumbled across a site called Wiffiti that brought back the memories. Wiffiti enables "people to send text messages to large flat panel displays in social venues such as cafes, bars and clubs (and) is grounded upon the premise that sending messages to a public screen rather than a private phone will resonate with both the location and its community.”

It’s an interesting concept and one that intrigues me. Imagine a huge flat panel display that anyone in your library might be able to text message to... Sound neat? Or scary?

Anyway… If you're interested in seeing one in action, you'll find a screen at T’s pub. And if you're not up to flying into Logan International, you can see it here too!

BTW: I didn't actually text message that one from NC, but I definitely share in its sentiment. :)

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Right on! This is one of the most interesting and unique uses of a flat panel display in a "public space" I've heard about--ever! So often such displays are canned images or stock footage of happy customers or quotes that have had the life quoted out of them. Talk about extending your influence and input beyond your four walls! I'll take 24...maybe 25 (one for each of our branches and one for, maybe my own kitchen! ;) )