WiMAX – The next wave of Wireless

The City of Pittsburgh is pursuing it ... the town of Davidson has started it ... and even PLCMC has it at Steele Creek (& soon more to follow). But how will wireless and all this free access affect service? And what’s on the horizon in area of Wireless? MSN offers this interesting perspective.
Barbed Wireless: Why high-speed Net access won't be free.


RFID & Self Check-out

Santa Clara library has put together an excellent overview of their implementation process of RFID and patron self checkout at their library.

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MP3 audiobooks

The future of MP3 players is gaining in acceptance and a few companies, including, are offering this new service. Currently you need a special player from Audible to play their files, but changes are on the horizon that would make easy for any MP3 player to download titles to listen to that would expire based upon a preset expiration time.

Here's an interesting article outlining the current trend and possibility of what's ahead.

They Want Their MP3 (SJL, July 2004)