It's good to be back

It’s been quite a hiatus since I’ve posted anything here. A divorce tends to do that to a person... halts you in dead in your tracks, forces you to re-prioritize your life and once you’re finally through what looks like at first is a very dark transition tunnel, actually makes you glad that it all happened. :)

Yup, life is funny that way.

Over the past two years – has it really been two years already? – I’ve had many people ask me if I plan to finally get back to my blog. Well, I guess if you’re reading this post, then you know the answer is “yes” … It’s just taken me a bit longer than I like. :)

You may have also noted with this visit, that I’ve decided to change my URL. has served me well in the past, but as I move forward I’ll be changing up this site a bit. Not sure how just yet, but I’m pretty sure it will start with some minor tweaking to design and then who knows?

Thanks for finding me and my blog again. It’s good to be back. :)

PS: Please excuse the missing images and broken links for the time being. I still have lots of cleanup to do after 24 months of ignoring this site. :)