RFID Pros and Cons

Wow! My first post to TechBytes. Check out the Fall 2004 netconnect supplement to LJ. It comes polybagged with LJ and is probably being passed around at locations around PLCMC right now! The focus is on radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. I am a little later coming to the table on this topic. Three separate pieces provide ample coverage for the novice, overviews of current vendors, and possible future library applications. I linked to the Web version if you'd rather not track down a paper copy. Check It Out! Chris


Newspaper Direct

Wow! Although I’m not sure how all the details work right now, I’m impressed with the fact that this Newspaper Direct service can deliver over 250 full format newspapers from around the world electronically the same-day. Windsor PL is the first public library IN Canada to try out this new service (info)

There’s a slew of newspaper’s already participating. I wonder if this might be of interest to look into? The company premiered the service for libraries at ALA last year and recently just launched a new print on demand service to accompany it.

BTW: Check out the Press Display site (the tool that displays the actual newspapers online). How cool is it to be able to view the the front pages from major newspapers across the world in any language? What a powerful tool for our foreign speaking population!


Flash Drives Revisited

Web Junction recently published a short report on issues surrounding the use of Flash drives (aka Thumb, Jump, USB, Pen, etc) in libraries. With these easily portable devices clearly becoming the storage device of choice, it's something our library has to seriously consider. Read on.


Google’s done it again…

Not to be outdone by Amazon’s A9 search engine that searches the contents of books online, Google announced yesterday a beta version of its newest search engine, Google Print.

Read the USA Today announcment here.
Find out more from Google here:
Try it out for yourself in Google with these book titles:
  • Romeo & Juliet
  • Scarlet Letter
  • War & Peace
  • Huckleberry Finn

Any thoughts on how this development might have an impact on libraries?


Tech Planning – Difference Approaches

Web Junction recently announced their winners for their Technology Planning Award. Although the actual plans were not displayed with the winner’s results -- I don’t believe they actually submitted a plan for this, rather they just filled in questionaire -- it is interesting to read about the each library’s approach and process.


Meadow Grove Public Library
Storm Lake Public Library
Windsor Public Library

I’d love to try and get a copy of Windsor’s approach. Sounds like they really had a comprehensive approach.