What are you doing at the Library?

That's the question that NYPL has been recently asking of their visitors at two of their locations.  However, rather then the usual customer survey or informal poll, they're using a photobooth.  :)


Love this idea and application of the photo-booth  that NYPL has installed.   What a great way to celebrate your users, promote the value of the library and enable your customers to have some fun? 

More info:  Snapshots from NYPL
Flickr pool of images


Informal Learning – Taking it to the Badge level

I’ve been intrigued and loosely following the developments of the informal learning community since the MacArthur Foundation announced its support  for Digital Media and LearningCompetition for Lifelong Learning Badges     YALSA received an award from the initiative to “develop a virtual badge program that helps library staff gain skills related to the Competencies for Serving Youth in Libraries.”    You can find a series of blog posts and updates about the project here.   The project looks like it’s set for an August 2013 completion.  I’ll be very interested in the end results.  Libraries are a natural to lead the way in acknowledging lifelong learning pursuits, especially around informal learning.

In the meantime, I’m also thrilled to see this summerlearning initiative for teens launched by a city wide partnership of over 100 organizations, among the most prominent the Chicago Public Library.  Why I didn’t hear more about this when I was ALA just last week is beyond me.   Even mayor Rahm Emanuel neglected to share or highlight it when he spoke at the opening event.    

Anyway,  kudos to CPL (who obviously is a key player in this project)   Check out this video(which features several clips captured at CPL’s YouMedia center) and then take a look at


Could this be a library?

In my travels this week I found myself delayed at LaGuardia for three hours due to mechanical issues. Travel delays are never fun, especially when you’re on a tight time table. But this time, I didn’t seem to mind so much because I was at Delta’s terminal D and this was the site around me…

Literally hundreds of free access ipads available and attached to every visible area of counter space. The traditional rows of seating near the gates were replaced by workspace counters and ipads that provide free internet, the ability to order have food ordered to your station (credit cards swipes were also at every seat), purchase merchandise from concourse stores and keep up to date on your latest flight information. When you first touched the screen you were prompted for your flight info and altering throughout your browsing session of the status of your flight and time to boarding.

I explored the experience a bit and of course did a lot of people watching. In the just the 8 gate area that I was in there must have been 400 ipads accessible. Lots of people playing checkers and/or solitaire (two of the standard apps loaded) while others browsed the WSJ or caught up on FB or Twitter (three other standard apps on the intro screen). A big button for full internet access was also provided along with info on the iPad lounge pilot project. If weren’t for the presence of roller bags, a few passenger transport vehicles and of course, frequent boarding announcements, one might easily mistake the environment for a busy library.

Here’s a few articles with more info: