Digital Media Labs in Libraries

Along with the recent announcement from IMLS & MacArthur foundation seeking 2nd round grant applications for 21st Century Learning Labs, there’s been a lot of news lately about libraries moving forward with this new service model.  Here at CML, we’re also moving forward with our planning in the digital media creation space and are working with four other prominent Columbus cultural organizations to create a network of learning labs for teens across the city.  I can share more on this in the future as our planning progresses. 

Anyway, there’s a lot learning organizations can learn from each other as we look to support new models for community learning involving digital media. YouMedia Chicago has of course received lots of national attention for the model they successfully launched.  But there was also an early prototype of this digital learning model with ImaginOn’s Studio I -- a space/facility that I had the pleasure to be involved with in developing when I was at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.  I know there are others, but at the moment I don't have a very complete list to draw from:  

Here are few that I know of outside of the 12 awarded in the first round of IMLS/MacArthur Learning Labs grant:
If you know of more (beyond the list of 12 already awarded) please add to my comments.