LIFT Text translator for Web Accessiblity

An interesting new alternative for library web developers who aren't savvy with WAI guidelines. Copy from Useable Net:

In the last two weeks of July, nine organizations (including one PL Orange
County Library System) have committed to adding text-only versions to their
websites using the LIFT Text Transcoder to support a two-pronged approach to web

Get a demo of your site with the text-only option added

This two-pronged approach helps to instantly increase the general
accessibility of all current web content, while allowing webmasters to focus
limited resources on developing new content using current web accessibility
guidelines. By implementing a central server-based solution with the LIFT Text
Transcoder, all content can be accessed in a text-only version, dramatically
increasing the web accessibility of older, more disbursed content by adding a
simple link to pages.

Some new live Examples - see "text-only" links

Maryland Transit Authority (text only link top left)
NJ Dept of Personnal (text only link on main navigation bar)

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