Now that's a Library Blog

The use of a publishing tool (such as a blog) as means of delivering content through a Library website is a growing trend that I think we'll be seeing more and more of. Just this morning I stumbled across the Ann Arbor District Library website and was amazed how completely they seemed to have integrated the use of this tool within their site. Multiple staff members, including the Director, seem to be involved in delivering content to users via this mechanism and thus there seems to be a never ending amount of new content on the site.

Although I will admit that in some areas of their design, it looks the like extensive use of this tool may have its limitations, I do love the all the added content that their blogs provide and if I had one teeny-tiny suggestion for them, it would be a short and simple one... just don't label your sections "blogs" (as in the Catalog Area - Audio Blog, Books Blog, etc). Anything but blog. How about "Book Reviews", "Reading Recommendations" or "Staff Picks"? That's what they are aren't they? The word "blog" merely means "web log" which is actually in affect just a publishing tool that allows you to get content to a reader in a date driven format. Readers' don't care what the publishing tool is, all they care about is finding the content. Anyway - enough of my short soapbox.

Despite this one little area my hat goes off to AADL for demonstrating just how effective this publishing tool can be. ( just look at the feedback they get in their GT area) It's actually a very clean and nicely designed site and delivers information very effectively!

As we look at redesigning the PLCMC site this coming year, what thoughts come to mind as to how we might also be able to take advantage of this tool?

PS: I gotta share one other little gem that I found in my searching... this AADL Catalog plug-in that was developed for use with Firefox's Search Bar!

Update: 12/28 Lessons Learned from AADL redesign - a great list

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