ICE 2009 Talks

My 6 am flight to Chicago for the Illinois Computing Educators conference this morning came far earlier then I anticipated -- Good news is that a double dose of Starbucks did the trick. :) -- but I managed to keep my energy level up for my three back-to-back spotlight sessions.

Fortunately for me a) the talks were all on topics that I have spoken several times on and b) one of the talks I was scheduled as a repeater. The audience at the ICE conference included lots of media specialists, teachers and school educators. So although the talks were familiar to me, the focus of each talk was slightly different. I had several of those, but I also enjoyed a little bit of eavesdropping this morning at the continental breakfast listening to a few school educators consider whether or not they should attend one of my talks. (follow links to see my tweets) :)

For those in attendance, here's a presentation pack of my slides:

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