Innovation Starts with "I"

Every time I do this talk, I change things up slightly or add something new. Here's the most recent version of Innovation Starts with "I", a webinar I presented for Project Play this morning.

PS: Enjoy the long weekend


Tony Tallent said...

Hi Helene!
This was a great way to start a Friday morning. We had about 8 Boulder Public staff listening to the webinar. Thanks for reminding us that innovation is really an ongoing process!

Leah Krevit/Rice University said...

Helene! Great presentation and a wonderful way to start a holiday weekend--all pumped up! Thanks for sharing your inspiring ideas. I listed in my office all alone and was able to really HEAR what you were telling us, which was good, and SEE it as well, with the very appropriate images on your slides. Quite eye-catching and good memory aids. Anyway, thanks for a lovely experience. Much appreciated.