Think outside the box

Confession: In my quick search on this blog, I found that I've actually used this term a total of 9 times.

Truth be told, I often hate using this phrase myself because it's well ... just so overused -- and YES, I'm kicking myself even as I type this. :)     But since this seems to be the popular expression for merely thinking differently, I actually feel "stuck inside the box" every time I use it. Anyone else?

Anyway ... enjoy this short video.

outside the box from joseph Pelling on Vimeo.

Bonus: Here's a related photo I capturea a few years ago on building a box to think outside of.

PS: Thanks Matt for sending this. You were right, it made me laugh.


david lee king said...

Well, I must confess - I have created a whole theme for a presentation around thinking outside the box, and even used my 9-year-old's box-turned-into-dollhouse as the anchor...

But then, I'm crazy like that.

Jim Ellison said...

It could be worse - the comment that drains me the most is "at the end of the day"......

A phrase I enjoy "How can I think outside the box when I work in one all day."

In my organization, we have started a "Skunkworks" as a group of creative thinkers with the mission to help us do more, better, with less. Maybe that will lead to the phrase - "think like a skunk".

Thank you for your blog and for choosing Columbus to practice your craft. Good job on WOSU this week.


Anonymous said...


PLCMC rolled out AquaBrowser today. The unqiue thing they did was videos for the various AB elements. is AB site..look for link to videos on this page as well.

Batarang said...


Nice vids. Hopefully we get some added to our Aquabrowser help page.