ACLA Talk - 24th Thing

In Pittsburgh this am to do a talk for the Allegheny County Library Association (ACLA). My talk is titled the 24th Thing in part because many of the member libraries just completed 23 Things. But it's also titled this because I'm often asked the question "what's the next thing?" For me the "thing" isn't a specific technology. It's a shift in mindset that we need to begin applying 24/7 to our thinking about library services.

Here is a link to my slidedeck that helps outline my thinking, The 24th Thing


Beth@ACLA said...

Thank you for your wonderful presentation and the Q & A session. People were still talking after they left.

Kelley B said...

Helene, your presentation was amazing! The librarians left energized and inspired! And I bought an iphone this weekend! Mission accomplished!