Friday's Thought - Learning

I really love this quote and thought it paired beautifully with this photo of a 101 year-old learner exploring an iPhone app for the very first time.

I really need acknowledge and thank my good friend Tony Tallent for granting me permission to use this wonderful photo he took of his grandmother Carrie. Although I never had the opportunity to meet her, I know that she was amazing woman who despite having been raised in rural uneducated community embodied the notion of lifelong learning.

Thanks again Tony for allowing me to share this photo. I can only imagine how much change Carrie saw in her 101 years of life and from the photo, you can tell that she embraced it with curiosity.


Anonymous said...

thank you so much for sharing this!!

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Learning is continuous process, it does not depend upon or is related to the age. Learning just needs the curiosity to know, one gets the way to enhance his/her knowledge. Tecahnology certainly has made the learning ore easy.

RJ said...

The photo is reallly touching. Thanks, it reminds me of my grandmother. The times when she get curious to understand the technology, upto the level she can use it.

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this is true. those who closed their mind to what they have is more illiterate than those who don't know everything. As they are willing to get that very information they just know.