10 years + of blogging

I just noticed that this year is milestone for me… I’ve been blogging here for 10 years.   Technically I started penning my thoughts in a blog format in 2001 when my youngest daughter was born and I decided to move my “mommy journaling” to the internet.   In fact, I was such an early adopter and user of Blogger that my url prefix was only three letters.  My “mommy blog” is no longer accessible, but I have still have all the entries (over 700 in 7 years) printed out in book format.   Yup,  for prosperity purposes, print still prevails!  (say that fast three times)

Anyway,  I merely highlight this milestone because it’s been amazing to me how much blogs have changed and morphed over the last decade.  “Blogging” (ie the sharing and posting on one’s thoughts on the internet) is still an active practice, we just no longer really call it blogging anymore.  For the most part, blogs are now just called websites and the social behaviors associated with sharing one’s thoughts openly on the web has moved onto other platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Medium. Here’s a borrowed image from Gigaom  that does a nice job in demonstrating this.   And that’s all for this post… here’s to the next ten years.  :)
Image: Gigaom  

PS:  A few other pieces on the changes in blogging that I found interesting:

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