Fab Friday Salute

Configuring and replacing nearly 450 PCs in less than 6 months is no small task, especially given the fact the units you are replacing are spread across eight different locations and are indispensable to the every day operation of the branch. Add in wiping the aged and obsolete units down to DOD (department of defense) standards and coordinating the public sale of used equipment all within the same week and you’ve pulled off a feat just one memory chip shy short of a miracle. Well that’s exactly what our IT department has done so far this year and last Saturday’s public used equipment sale at the Morrison Regional branch was no exception.

This week’s Fab Friday Salute is well earned by Lino Scala and the IT technicians -- David, James, Jimmy, Jeff A, Jeff G, John, Greg & Elston. You guys are amazing! Thanks for all you do!!!

Here’s some pictures from Saturday’s sale. 68 used units bought, sold and carted out of the branch in an hour and half. Yes, another branch full of happy PCs users and staff - Now that's progress. :)

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