We interupt this regularly scheduled vacation ...

Well the laptop came on our vacation anyway. The lure of posting vacation pics and working on digital album pages after the girls go to bed was just to hard to resist. And although I'm completely living up to my promise to not open up work email or even glance at my Bloglines account, I knew I just had to post 'this' the minute I met our rental host and found out what she did ...

She's a writer --- remember my comment last week about my favorite monthly read -- for, yup! you guessed it ... Wired! How coincidental is that?

BTW: The house is fantastic. Here's the view - and this is only half of it :)

PS: With a view like this, I don't expect I'll be posting again until I get back. Have a great week :)

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Anonymous said...

Helene -
That is an amazing coincidence. I think the universe is saying that you need to learn something from this person? Now that you are back, any further reflections? I believe that God can put people in your path. God must read Wired magazine (joke!!)