---> Just taking a break from this regularly scehduled blog to provide you with this small, sorta-amusing update. Bear with me on this one please ...I think I've been peddling thin mints for last three days :) <----

If I’ve seemed absent here for the last few days… it’s been for good reason. It’s Girl Scout cookie delivery time.

Being a "brownie mom" and asst. troop leader makes it hard to avoid the cookie sale pitch. But I’ll be honest, I wasn’t born with that Electrolux salesman gene, so selling cookies door-to-door rates right up there with pulling a hang nail. Just get it over with and move on - at least that's what I've been focusing on. And it doesn’t help that Katie, my seven year-old, didn't inherit the sales gene either... which, of course, makes it near impossible for her to earn that coveted cookie badge. :)

So to those of you in the office who've helped me save face in the cookie-mom club by shelling out hard cash for your samoas fix, I’m eternally grateful. And for those you still wondering where you can find a scout to support your cookie addiction, I still have a few boxes left ... but as I also found out today, you can also get your fix by locating a GS cookie outlet on Myspace ...

Girl Scout Cookies on MySpace

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