10 things I learned during my first week @ CML

  1. The staff at Columbus Metropolitan Library are terrific! Thanks to everyone for the *warm* welcome. It more than made up for Mother Nature’s chilly introduction. :)

  2. The embedded Google map on the CML site is invaluable -- I’m definitely going to be using this a lot as I get to know the branches.

  3. Everything that I need to focus on for my first few months fits on a post it note (thanks Pat). But believe me, those few items are *huge* and cover lots of ground. N2S: don’t loose that piece of paper.

  4. Rental cars don’t come with snow/ice scrappers … they should. Columbus had its first snowfall on Wed with 4 + inches of fluffy stuff followed by a nice freeze and then more snow. BTW: credit cards are a poor substitute.

  5. The growth opportunities at CML are so numerous I don’t where to begin. I can already see that I’m going to benefit and learn a lot from my new colleagues.

  6. CML’s new catalog implementation of aqua browser (to be launched next week it's now live ) is sweet – Can’t wait to see phase II.

  7. Nobody seems to leave CML once they get here. Seriously, the employment longevity among the staff is amazing. I take that as a good sign that it's a wonderful place to work. :)

  8. Columbus is extremely easy to get around in -- I didn’t get lost once -- and the streets don’t change names every 3 or 4 miles (and intersect with themselves) like they do in Charlotte. BTW: My fav in Charlotte is the intersection of Queens Rd. & Queens Rd., which is also the location for the Myers Park branch.

  9. I’m definitely going to need to buy more shoes (what woman doesn't need an excuse for this ? ) The slides and light weight styles that I can get away with in the South’s three season climate just won’t cut it here. In fact, if Mother Nature keeps up, I might even have to buy [cringe] sensible snow boots.

    And last but not least …

  10. My learning curve this past week just grew a whole lot *steeper* … but all in a good way :)

BTW: I'm heading back to Charlotte tomorrow for a few more weeks to wrap up things at PLCMC, finish getting the house ready to go on the market, and to enjoy the holidays. I'll be back at CML permanently starting January 2nd. :)

Thanks again CML for a wonderful welcome!


Peter Bromberg said...


Just a slightly belated congrats on your new position at CML. Such a great system! Wishing you all the best in your new home, and new adventures with CML.


Diane said...

Hi Helene,

I just bought an ice scraper that plugs into a cigarette lighter to melt the ice as you go. Haven't had to try it yet, but if you're interested, here's the info: It's at Item number V23426.

Good luck.


Gerald Schwab said...

I'm curious about #3. *wondering* What is on that list?

mike said...

Helene, congratulations on your new position and welcome to Columbus. I hope you like it here. As someone who's followed your work/blog from afar and a BIG fan of the CML I'm excited to have you here in Columbus and look forward to the great things you have ahead.

I'm sure you have plenty of advisers on all things Columbus but if there is ever anything I might be able to share with you please feel free to let me know.


Anonymous said...

I know about snow boots! You can find some very cute ones at any store... just avoid those stiletto heels... not all that useful for walking in the snow (espcially if you are in Utah).