Shift Signs

Wow… between the recent Washington Post article* about how DC Public Library is redefining their staff compliment with “more high-tech savvy employees” who are "very comfortable with change" to the application instructions for the newly reopened Salt Lake City Public Library’s director search -- Your application “package should include a paper resume and directions to your digital presence, blog, or social networking Web site -- you can definitely see a shift is occurring.

SLCPL Director Application instructions

* Why does the press always seem to insist on writing inflamatory headlines? My sense is that with a generous 6 month severance package and the retirement incentives for those that chose the early leave package, that true story about the departure of the eight lies somewhere in between.


Cycho Librarian said...

I don't know if I'd want a future employer reading my blog....

Anonymous said...

I agree I do not know if I would like it if my employer or future employer saw my blog....but then again your name is cycho librarian so you probably have more to worry about then me HA!