Digital Services' Passion Quilt

Since joining CML, I’ve always felt that there was an incredible amount passion among the staff for the work that they do. So when I asked my team last month ago to indulge me in a little exercise for our next departmental meeting, I didn’t quite know what to expect. Nor did I know what they might think about creating a square for own department’s version of the passion quilt.

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When Kelly (aka dept. asst. extraordinaire) compiled the results that were shared during our last meeting, I just have to say that I was blown away. In fact the images have left me with a lasting impression. I feel blessed to work with such an incredibly passionate, dedicated and talented team. And all I think is that as we continue to growth as a department (and tap into each others passions) we’re going to seriously rock!

Those of us that have chosen to work in libraries no all too well that a career in this field is rarely motivated by money. It’s the passion for what we do … either for helping people… or enriching lives … or making a difference … or whatever … that is really what drives us to work in libraries. I believe our “passions” are among our greatest assets. And, when we can align these to our work and skillset, well... it's quite simple, really ...amazing things happen !

PS: Thanks team again for indulging me with this exercise and also for allowing me to share your incredible passions that continue to help CML shine.

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circulating said...


what a thrilling display of passion... what a team...!!

Sean Robinson said...

What a great idea

Cat Herself said...

Very cool. We should do this for all of CML at some point. It took me a while to figure out a way to put text onto a picture and save it as something I could upload to Flickr, but here is my first effort. For work, though, I'll need to find a good pic of a very young child reading - I have some at work.

Lida said...

What a great team building activity! Thanks for sharing!!!