SLJ launches Learning 2.0 !

When I ran into Brian Kenney at ALA I was excited to hear that the School Library Journal was launching their own version of Learning 2.0 and that it would be open to anyone. :) Today Brian blogged it.

"For a while now (and prodded by our Technology Editor, Kathy Ishizuka) I've realized it would be a great idea if all of us here at SLJ went through a "23 Things" like experience. After all, we are always writing about different 2.0 applications, shouldn't we experience them as well? Walk the walk, talk the talk, and all of that...So I resolved that we'd do it this summer.

Then I got to thinking: if we're going to do it, why not open it up and invite everyone to join us?

So that's what we are going to do. But we're not going it alone; we've asked 2.0 guru, Dominican faculty member, and season trainer Michael Stephens to join us for the ride. Beginning Monday, July 21, Michael will author a blog here on that will lead us through the different exercises, offer guidance, answer questions, and even provide a little hand-holding. We're calling it "All Together Now: A 2.0 Learning Experience."

As you might guess, I'm personally thrilled to see SLJ pick-up and support this program. I'm also thrilled that Michael Stephens (aka 2.0 guru*) will be leading the effort -- a great choice !

And for my fellow CML colleagues who might be wondering ... Yes, we will be launching our version of the program for staff very, very, verrry soon (look for announcement shortly). And I also might add that Michael Stephens, himself, will be joining us to kick it off. :)

* sorry Michael, I couldn't resist :)

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Cat Herself said...

Woohoo! I'm so glad we'll finally be doing the 2.0 dance! {does interpretive dance with many quasi CML "swoop" poses)