Strategy … Tactics … and pizza delivery?

Strategy and tactical planning is something that I’m sure every library and organization to some degree struggles with. Trying to balance priorities and opportunities with budget constraints and organizational capacity is a never easy task. The challenges associated with having to make tough decisions can often lead to a lot of heartburn, both figuratively and literally.

For the past few weeks I’ve gained a tremendous appreciation for all planning and effort that goes into building a tactical plan as I’ve worked alongside colleagues to lead this year’s annual planning process.

Right now we’re in phase 4 of a 6 step process, which we’ve call our Tactical Camps. The tactical camps provide an opportunity for all staff to participate in the planning process and creates a clear and direct channel for staff to submit ideas for consideration.

I really like the video that our communications team did with Pat Losinski, CML Executive Director, to kick-off this effort. The video covers all the critical points of strategy, tactics and even a little bit humor...

Yup, I’m learning a lot in my new position at CML under Pat’s leadership. And high on this month’s list is

a) strategy
b) tactical planning
c) the fated partnership of a pizza & book reserves delivery service. :)

oh, and most importantly...

d) our staff have great ideas.


Jo said...

WOW! Am so impressed. It really does amaze me that some libraries actually encourage all their staff to be part of decision making. The Youtube clip gives me hope for the future.

Cat Herself said...

We don't need a special room for knitting - it's gonna happen anyway! (evil grin)