Eureka Thoughts on Libraries and Experiences

I'm fortunate to work with a lot a very talented and innovative thinkers. Jenn Hrusch (aka TypeALibrarian) is one of them.

Today Jenn sent me an email with a link to Time magazine's article, How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live and noted some great thoughts on how it relates to libraries. With permission, I'm reprinting her email here...

I'm sure you have probably seen this, but I wanted to share something specific that really caught my attention. It is this paragraph...

"If I go to grad school and invent a better mousetrap, I've created value, which I can protect with a patent and capitalize on by selling my invention to consumers. But if someone else figures out a way to use my mousetrap to replace his much more expensive washing machine, he's created value as well. We tend to put the emphasis on the first kind of value creation because there are a small number of inventors who earn giant paydays from their mousetraps and thus become celebrities. But there are hundreds of millions of consumers and small businesses that find value in these innovations by figuring out new ways to put them to use. "

Eureka! What a shift in previous thinking (especially in libraries.) It is not only about the experiences or tools we can create for customers, but about the customers molding the experiences and the tools to create value for themselves!

Thanks Jenn for forwarding the article. Good stuff here! I love your thinking :)

Read the full article, How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live.

What thoughts cross your mind as they relate to libraries?

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