The Future of Public Libraries

Seems the folks from NowandNext (those that developed such future casting timelines as the Extinction Timeline and the popular trend maps) are working on a new trending project which involves mapping scenarios around the Future of Public Libraries. The work and scenarios their outlining in their working blog are fascinating and it’s interesting to follow their process.

Here’s some links to follow their process:

I’m not sure what the overall end result of this planning will look like, but from the process so far, my interest is definitely peaked.

Which scenario do you think is most probable?

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Ellen said...

It is great to see this project receiving wider coverage. It has been a very collaborative project with many public library staff in new South Wales being involved in the development of these scenarios.

To quote from part of the project description:
Over the last few months the State Library of New South Wales and Public Library Network Research Committee have been working with Oliver Freeman and Richard Watson from the Neville Freeman Agency to develop a set of Scenarios for the future of the NSW public library network. This project is exploring how the future of NSW public libraries might unfold over the next twenty years, specifically examining:

What professional skills and attitudes will public library staff in NSW be demonstrating in 2030 in order to be successful in alternative futures in which they might operate?