Learning 2.0: 23 Things Survey

In going through some old posts still in draft, I realized that I had never shared the findings of the Learning 2.0: 23 Things survey that I had conducted last summer specifically with coordinators of other programs. In conducting the survey I had hoped to find out what was the program's success related to several factors, specifically use of incentives and presence of active management participation. Once the results were compiled, I found the findings interesting. I hope you will agree.

Here is a short slidedeck providing a high level view of the findings. In total 68 program coordinators responded to the call I made last August. The results of 62 of them are included in this report. I did not include the results of six respondents since they had not yet finished their organization's version of the program at the time of survey, hence their results were incomplete.

And equally interesting are the comments to the open ended questions 6, 7 & 8 on biggest program impact, customer benefits and tips for others. Here's a pdf of the survey data report.

I plan to share some of these results as part of the panel discussion at ALA on Life After 2.0. If you’re attending, please be sure to stop by and say hello.

PS: Many thanks to the 68 program coordinators that participated in this survey. The impacts that you shared as a result of this program are inspiring!

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pollyalida said...

Thanks for sharing these results! Really interesting and useful.