Do you Poken?

I was first introduced to these tech gadgets last April at the UGame, ULearn conference in Delft. At the time, pokens weren't really accessible in the US. However, it seems times are changing. Here's a recent report from WSJ's MarketWatch.

Check out the website:

BTW. Every participant at the conference got a poken. What a great way to encourage people to network and the best part was that when I got home I and logged my poken on, I easily had contact with everyone I met. FTR my poken is the bee.


Vanessa said...

It is a great way to encourage people to network! Great post.

Meaghan said...

Hm. Is this like tamagotchi for grown ups?

jaymo said...

I love these little guys. Got mine at They were kind enough to help me fill some stockings on the cheap, by distributing promo code 'santaclaus' for a 20% discount