9 Top Posts for 2009

Google Analytics is a great free tool that can tell you a lot about the visitors and usability of your site. But to be honest, I really don’t take look at it or take advantage of it at all.

However, since I did add it to my blog a few years ago, I thought it might be interesting to see what posts in 2009 generated the most visits. Anyway, icyi here’s my top 9 for 2009:

  1. Future of libraries with or without books
  2. Future of Public Libraries
  3. Learning 2.0 Survey
  4. What’s your digital foot print?
  5. Future libraries in the networked world
  6. QR Tags Concept leadership
  7. Trendwatching: the ebook device race
  8. Finding the Phoenix: Ugame Ulearn Keynote
  9. Friday’s Thoughts – Learning

Happy 2010 !

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