YouMedia Centers for Teens

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For the past 6 months I've been working with an awesome set of creative poeple (from also very creative institutions) as we tackle the planning for network of Learning Labs across the city to ignite teens and help them discover and explore their passions through digital media.  

With five cultural insitutions coming together, its been an interesting process.  I've added a tom to my knowledge about creating and merging logic models, connected learning theory and informal learning environments for teens.  All great stuff, really inspiring that actually makes me sometimes wish I could go back to being 15 again :-)

The MacArthur Foundation is the catalyst for this huge informal learning movement aimed at connecting teens and digital media.  YouMedia in Chicago, was among the first successful programs, but there are others that are equally exciting.  Here's the latest MacArthur piece worth reading:

YOUmedia Expansions Offer Teens Student-Centered Learning Opportunities with Digital Media

Can't wait til we get to the pilot stage in our planning.  With institutions partnering on our planning, there will definitely soon be some new amazing places for teens in Columbus.


kaygraphic said...

Hey there.
I'm wrestling with coming up with programming for the small Digital Media Lab the ACPL has procured. The challenge is to showcase the tools in a style agnostic way to have the greatest appeal across all teen demographics.

Jennifer Graham said...

Great job for MacArthur Foundation! Hopefully many will have the desire to participate in this campaign and many students will get attracted in learning in a different environment.