Back In Business

With the new found interest in exploring uses for blogs, I'm rejuvenating this blog that I started over a year ago with the purpose of exploring and generating thought and discussion about technology changes that may affect libraries. Please jump on board with me with this new approach by either:
  1. posting a reply to an item of intetrest
  2. trying it out and setting up a blog yourself
    ( if free and easy to use)
  3. becoming a regular contributor to this blog (just email me if you're interested).

Actually, my preference is that you will try (and do) all three!!

PS: Thanks Chris for being the very 1st contributor last fall :)


Patrice said...

Thanks for rejuvenating this. Because of time constraints, I will probable monitor this at home. I "sorta kinda" watched the Media History 2015 flash here at work, but will be able to pay better attention at home. I hope to start budgeting time to pay attention to this at work! More later, PE

Linda Raymond said...

I have done all three. I created a blog I am hoping the Brnaches will be able to use it to communicate with each other for some of their materials needs. Here is the link if any one wants to check later to see how well it is being utilized.