Googlism 2015

Love 'em or hate 'em, you can't seem to venture anywhere these days in cyberspace without touching on Google territory. Google catalogs news feeds, searches blogs, provides email alerts, displays detailed statelite images of your home address and can even find your lost car keys (well, not really... but I can't image that it's too far off). So, what's next? What does the future hold for Google, Microsoft and other news media giants?

Take 8 minutes to view this perspective of what the information universe may look like in 2015...

2015 : Musuem of Media History

Does this scare you or excite you?

PS: Thanks Lori Reed for forwarding this link.


Chris said...

This is scary and exciting. Who has the time to become a full time member of this new cyberspace society? Programmers I bet. I don't even have time to read email. (3 accounts!) Maybe having some of the ideas suggested to customize my info retrieval would be a good idea. But wait - who's in control of what info I ultimately get? And will I be able to have an idea without the whole world knowing about it?

Anonymous said...

Good point. It sounds to me like the objective here is to know me inside and out for the soul purpose of marketing to me. I'm not sure I like or want this much technology if I have to lose my animinity.