Changing the way we catalog Short Stories

I would really like to see us change our cataloging of our short stories. I think we are really limiting our circ of this genre by putting them in non-fiction. What are your thoughts?


Patrice said...

This sounds good! Everyone at thr IS desk today agrees. We could either have a Short Story area in the Fiction section or use a title main entry in the catalog. PE

Chris said...

Sounds good to me. I've never worked in a public library before that had them in non-fiction. Could we put them at the end of the fiction section and treat them as a "genre?"

There will be logistical issues for some branches who are maxed out in fiction space, but we'll all figure something out.

Elaine N said...

I agree, putting thme in non-fiction is a guantee that patrons will not find them. The collections could easily become a genre and shelved separetly or at the end of fiction, however for browsing fans, having them filed by title works just as well.

Anonymous said...
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