Mapping the "New" World

There's a great new page for Mecklenburg County GIS (Geospatial Information Services). Check it out. The fifth annual GIS day will be at ImaginOn on Wednesday, November 16, from 9 am -3 pm.

Also take a look at an article from the Baltimore Sun about the new advances that the Internet has made possible in mapping.

Internet maps a new direction

Technology brings geographic, geologic information to all


Anonymous said...

Hey, I read this in the Observer too and it gave me idea. Has anyone heard of "geocaching"? It where people use personal GIS locators to find little hidden caches of treasures, hence Geocache.

How cool would it be for us to have a geocache hidden in one ( or all) of our libraries? We could include some incentive or promotion of our programs. For information on this, visit httP:// Just enter a zipcode, you'd be amazed at how many hidden finds there are.

Anonymous said...

PS: In my searching on the site, I found several other caches at other libraries. One library placed a guest book in among their stacks and finders signed it and took a sticker as a goody.