Libraries in Transformation

Virtual transformation, Hamilton Spectator, Ontario

"Like other businesses, libraries are trying to find their way in a fast-changing digital landscape. New users don't see the library as a segregated book warehouse -- they want to shape information. ...

To shift the library's role, (Jeffrey Trzeciak, chief librarin at McMaster University) wants to collaborate with profs, to offer material actual courses need. He wants a "learning library" measured by student success, not the old, traditional metrics like quantity of holdings or budget size."

Emphasis in abstract is mine. :)

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Anonymous said...

In my opinion, this is very true. We have the same discussions over here in Austria and Germany. Where to go? What to do? How to defend against SEs?
I don't think these are the proper questions. The concept of a teaching library is to enbable the learn process and to support it. Libraries must find the way back into the learning scenario of students, not the other way. The question is: how can we help students to achieve their (learning) goals?

greetings from Dornbirn, Austria
Mark Buzinkay
MB Informationdesign