Feel Good Thoughts

Michelle Mclean’s post a few weeks ago made me smile...

"If it hadn't been for library bloggers I would never have:
- started reading blogs
- started reading the library literature more widely
- started writing book reviews for the library literature
- started reading outside my profession for parallel experiences and new ideas
- started my own blog, to share my own experiences …

I have progressed more professionally in the last 3 years, than I had in the previous 19. Even though my job title hasn't changed much, the work that I do, my love of it and my wider knowledge of the profession has grown exponentially (and there is potential in the job situation, so that may better reflect this development soon too).

And it's all because library bloggers out there unselfishly decided to take the time to share their thoughts, experiences and more. They took a risk, put themselves out there, not knowing whether anyone would read and I again want to say thanks. I am more in love with my profession, my work and the life-long learning process that I am again engaged in, than I have ever been before. They are an inspiration to me, they give me inspiration to make the changes, small and large, to help make my library service better for our users - as a professional, I could not ask for a better gift from my profession."

Thanks Michelle. I feel the same way :)

PS: Four posts in one night... can you tell I’m catching up after two weeks of continuous conference travel? :)


Michelle McLean said...

Thanks Helene for the writeup.

Just a quick note to let you know that you are high of my list of inspiring bibliobloggers. Continue to play, learn and dream and I'll come along for the ride with you.

Anonymous said...

Helene and Michael (both) -

I enjoy the energy in each of your efforts: Michael's praise of library bloggers and Helene's demonstration of being one!

And I am but a blogger, no librarian link to my name.

However, this feel good concept has always interested me. Even found its way into my Culture to Engage blog a week or so ago.

Thanks and I'll keep reading!


Anonymous said...

Oops. Sorry, Michelle (not Michael for a minute!)