Super Patron meet Super Teens

Teens make Fine paying machine in Teen Second LifeWhen Kelly Czarnecki first shared this exciting news with me, it wasn’t the fine paying part that blew me away. It was instead the fact that the teens, themselves, had figured out a way to bridge a real life library service process within a virtual world.

The fine paying machine on PLCMC’s Eye4You island in Teen Second Life allows teens to query their library account for over due fines and then converts the amount due to make it payable in Linden dollars. Nexii Malthus (not his IRL name) is one of the teens behind this exciting development who worked for days in solving the puzzle and scripting the solution. It's an impressive little bit of programming that makes currency in TSL just a lit more valuable and usable. :)

In reading the recent article that was published on (Second Life News Network) yesterday by another teen, Storm Basiat (also not his IRL name), I couldn’t help but be reminded of Super Patron Ed Vielmetti.

Like Ed, these teens are using their talents and creativity to develop new library services. But in addition to this (as the article written by Storm also demonstrates) they are also showing us new ways (& worlds) to market our products.

Thanks Nexii and Storm (& Kelly) for all you do. We have a lot to learn, not only from your talents ... but also from your insights and vision for libraries of the future.

PS: Video of the machine in action found here.


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