I had a feeling it wouldn't take long ...

meebo in the catalog
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Meebo Chat widget in the catalog ... Yay! :)

Congrats David King! I knew this was an idea that was well within reach of implementing - especially with some of latest free IM tools. It's so great to see it in action.

BTW: That's what I love completely about throwing great ideas out there. You can share 'em (even when they're really not your's -- thanks Lori -- or even when you don't have all the parts figured out). And then someone else, like David, can improve on upon the idea and make it work. :)

Less than just a decade ago, most ideas like this would have taken weeks - or even months -- to bounce around (via the few avenues available like conferences and printed journal publications) before they became anything. But with the blogosphere, etc., you can share ideas and brainstorm out loud and as a result... it only takes a mere 48 hours for someone clever, like David, to figure it out. :)

Thanks Lori for blogging this idea in the 1st place (it's so logical).
And thanks David for so easily demonstrating it in action. Can't wait to hear about the results.

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polly said...

Cool to see David could get that done so fast. I remembered where I saw another catalog with meebo all over it, U. of Calgary. - blog post about by Paul Pival.