I know I’m forgetting something …

As anyone who has ever replanted themselves in a new city, a new job and a new culture all at the same time can attest to, the few first weeks of trying to keep your head from spinning off can be both time consuming and tiring. Fundamentals (like network logins, department name acronyms & even your own phone number) are easily forgotten and essentials (like Which way is it to the restroom, again? or What did she just show me to do to retrieve my voice messages?) can make you feel like you’ve been the victim of a drive-by lobotomy. Yup, being the new kid on the block is mentally exhausting. Period.

Anyways… so what’s the point to this post? Good question. To be honest I had started out with some thought in mind, but as I stare at my opening sentence again, I’m beginning to realize that my plight may be worse then I think. I’ve already forgotten it.

To recover from this fate, I think instead of trying to remember what I’ve already forgotten, I will instead try to list at least a few things that I have learned (& which have made a strong enough impression in both both my st & lt memory) during my short two and half weeks on the new job. Here’s a short list …

  1. CML has a lot great things going on and ton of successes to build upon. In the past year alone they’ve redesigned three websites (library, kids & teens), launched a new catalog, built their own online webpay system, implemented a new events web tool and created numerous ways to engage kids and teens in their new space.

  2. The energy that this organization has is amazing. My first week here, they (nts: I can now say “we”) kicked off a robust (robust is understatement, but I can’t think a better descriptor at the moment) 134 item Tactical Plan to help us reach our vision of a “thriving community where wisdom prevails.” 134 items (ie projects) -- that's a lot!!

  3. There’s a great commitment to providing staff with the resources and tools that they need and a system-wide methodology to help assure their success one they get them. In just the past few weeks alone, over 60 project managers have already received training and that’s just the beginning of the learning and growth opportunities being unveiled.

  4. The closest restroom to my new office is to the right, then left down the hall and another left. Oh, and I think I’ve finally memorized my network, email, LearnerWeb, timesheet and ??? (I know I’m forgetting something) login passwords too!

OK, I think that’s about all I can rehash out of my cerebral cortex at the moment. I’m hesitant to press any harder, 'cause as those of you who have been in my shoes know… remembering those logins and passwords (especially the network one) are too important to loose. :)

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Cat Herself said...

Aren't you glad that one of those goals is a universal login? Wait . . . did that one get cut?