Digital Tips in a Recession

David Armano over at Logic + Emotion offered up a great post this week on 10 Ways Digital Can Help You Thrive in a Recession. What struck me most in reading his ten tips, was how closely many of these items mirrored some of the shift tenets that I’ve been advocating in my talks and work within libraries over the past year.

Thriving in a recession? Well, that’s something that most libraries are already masters of. We know how to tighten our waistlines and get stretch ten cents into a dollar. But with the digital economy, it is not the dollars and cents that we need to focus our attention on, instead it’s about taking advantage of technology (which is often free and easily adaptable) and utilizing the power of social network currency.

Here’s the list. You can access the full text with more explanations here.

  1. Live by the rules of The Beta Economy
  2. Leverage Existing Platforms
  3. Switch Tubes
  4. Don’t Entertain, Engage
  5. Coordinate Infinite Touch Points
  6. Prototype Often
  7. Trade Focus Groups For Digital Ethnography
  8. Think Outside The Banner
  9. Embrace Delight By Functionality
  10. Listen
There are lots of things to think about within this list, but perhaps the the most important one to me in the last one. :)

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