23 Things: Impact & Results

One of things I’m often asked whenever I'm doing a talk about Learning 2.0 is what type of post evaluation did I do to measure the success of the program. The answer I usually give is that the post evaluation was built into the program as the 23rd thing and that if you want to see transformation that the program had, all you have to do is read participants blog themselves. For me, their words say so much more than any survey can convey.

Even so, I know there is a lot of merit to the evaluation question that is being asked. That’s why I was so excited to see these research results gathered by Melissa Rethlefsen as part of the Mayo Clinic Libraries Learning 2.0 program. Melissa has shared the results in a great slideshare.

Here's one image from her slides that shows pre & post knowledge:

Thanks Melissa. This research is fantastic!


Anonymous said...

Perfect Timing! I've just started (completed Thing #4 yesterday) and am thrilled, anxious, and still a bit nervouse, but I really feel 23 Things is going open up my personal and professional world. I even got my husband into the program, and he's excited! I guess it's necessary to ask, "What research measures the success of this program?" but I'm actually confused at how anyone who has tried the program could question that there must be a high level of success for those who go through it.

Anonymous said...

It's been well over a year since I completed Learning 2.0, but I still find myself referring back to those "new" skills and tools. Thanks again Helene for all your work with this. It really does make a difference- even when it doesn't show up as a measurable outcome.

storystore said...

I use some of the skills from 2.0 almost everyday. I have gone on to the 2.1 explorediscoverplay and didn't realize how much I had learned from 2.0. I have shared these sites with coworkers, family and friends. It just takes a little practice, but most of all have fun exploring. Through my learning and blogs, I have met people far and wide. To me, this is indeed a measurable outcome.