NTRLS Workshop

I’m a few days delayed in posting my slides from my recent workshop for the North Texas Regional Library System. But since I’m determine to go green (no handouts) with all my workshops and talks these days, I feel a little bad that I didn’t have up on before hand.

Originally at 78Mb and 196 slides, it was a killer to crunch 3 hours of content into something that Slideshare could handle. But I finally succeeded.

Learning 2.0: It's about ...

Thanks Adam, Carolyn, Donna and all the folks from NTRLS. I had a great time and enjoyed the conversation.

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Amanda said...

Thanks so much for coming, Helene (and for bringing the rain!). I learned a lot and we're hoping to try something like 23 Things with our staff. We're already offering a series of tech trainings this summer, two per month (mostly how-tos on Word, Excel, Publisher, Outlook, and our ILS, because that's what our staff wanted, but I get to do the wiki session). Every time someone attends, they put their name in the jar and we'll draw for door prizes at the end.