IMHO sharing community stories doesn't get much better then this ...

Every once in awhile, I run across a truly amazing project that totally makes my heart smile. This one tonight really caught me off guard … for it’s so beautifully simple (both application and approach) in capturing the core essence of what libraries are really all about… community & sharing stories

Remember When - A collaborative, web based story writing project by Ipswich seniors in partnership with the Ipswich Library

My hat is off tonight to the Ispwich Library & Information Service! Through the use of the PBwiki (a free wiki hosting site) they’ve created a wonderful model for libraries of any size to duplicate with or without funding.

Take a look around this wonderful collection of stories and see if you don’t agree?

PS: Thanks Polly for the link. You're right, It's wonderful.

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Cat Herself said...

I would truly love to do this in our neighborhood. We even have some local folks who are doing local history stuff with high school kids. I think we need to start soon to take full advantage of some of our aging community leaders. Are you going to lead the charge in this direction?