Stephens on trends & technologies to watch in '09

Michael Stephens has a new post up on trends and technologies that really is worth reading devouring. In it he highlights not only what the trend means to libraries, but also what it means to library education. For the me the big surprises weren’t really in any of his predictions -- I can’t speak for MS, but for me, I think we share a lot of common perspectives – but rather the revelation was in viewing the cumulative whole of these trend implications and applications.

Michael Stephens' Ten Trends & Technologies for 2009

1. Ubiquity of the Cloud
2. Changing role of IT
3. Value of Commons
4. Promise of Micro-Interaction
5. Care & Nurturing of the Tribe
6. The Triumph of the Portable Device
7. Importance of Personalization
8. Impact of Localization
9. Evolution of Digital Lifestyle
10. Shift Towards Open Thinking

The thoughts I see weaving throughout all these trends are the themes of transparency, the open brand, micro-connections, and ubiquitous presence. But overall what sticks out to me the most is that all these trends are moving farther and father away from the enabling technologies themselves and closer and closer to the very tangible need of human touch.

Great thoughts Michael. Thanks for packaging these so brilliantly.

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Unknown said...

Michael Stephens is a fantastic innovative thinker and communicator. Anyone in the Montreal area should come see him be the keynote speaker at the Web 2.You conference at the McGill University School of Information Studies on February 13th. For more information, check out the wiki