From the long lost files ...

... of an old package of 3.5" diskettes, I discovered my first website.

Beans and Fritz actually created a holiday homepage for 5 years - that is until my daughters entered the picture. After that they retired their web development antics for a warm sunny spot on the living floor.

First website 1996 Home page

Anyone else still have evidence of their first website? This one was 1996. That's an ice age in web-years. :) If you're curious what the rest of it looked like, second level pages can be found here.

PS: Yes, the lights did twinkle and the little dogs ran back-n-forth. I must have taken hours trying to find the right animated gif for the site (so 90's). The following year when I actually learned to created my own- I thought I was pretty clever. :)

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Anonymous said...

Doing a little research for my book made me decide to crank up the way-back machine and look for my first geocities site (c. 1996) and I was horrified that it was still out there. What was I thinking!

That said, it is fun to find these relics of the past, even if they only serve to remind us that everything online lasts as long as the electricity stays on...