It's Spring. Do you hear the birds tweeting about your library?

It been awhile since I checked in over at the Netvibes account I set up to track CML mentions across the social mediaverse. Today I finally took a quick look. Here' a sampling of just the tweets I found from the last week:

"Did you know Columbus has the number one zoo, library and science center in the nation?" (tweet & tweet)

"@myotive Hrm, no Snow Crash at the Columbus Library on audio book. They have Anathem, though." (tweet)

"@weekendmornings a tour of the orange barrells aka road projects! Lol the columbus library downtown it's got great programs for kids!" (tweet)

"Bella had kids read to her today at the Columbus Public Library - Linden Branch:” (tweet)

“i have to hand it to the columbus metropolitan library for fashioning a fine (and warm!) work environment.” (tweet)

“i'm going to my second columbus library in one week! they even let me pick my library card color!” (tweet)

"loves Columbus Metropolitan Library. Rated #1 in the nation. 1 of the reasons living here isn't horrible. Check it out! "(tweet)

Yup, the birds are probably talking about your organization too. Are you listening?

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