Teen 2.0 – Beth Gallaway on serving teens in new millennium

Yesterday, I had the privilege of meeting Beth Gallaway, aka Information Goddess, and hearing her talk on Teen 2.0: Serving Teens in the New Millennium. If your interested in what she had to share, you can find her slides on her blog.

I twitter the talk using the hash tag #bgtalk. Gerald and Joy also contributed to the collective twitter note taking.

Here’s a few on my tweets (and Beth thoughts) that stuck with me:

  • Adults r always chasing kids in cyberspace. Avg of 10 mnth life cycle (tweet)
  • embrace the idea that u'll never catch and engage teens as experts. (tweet)
  • Gamers want strategy guides, not a "boss". Imho this is tru in new learning theories as well (tweet)

Thanks Beth for a great Monday morning.


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