Friday’s Thought – Best Practices

I create this slide almost exactly a year ago after being inspired by the thoughts from a comment left on my blog by Dave Ferguson. Here’s the original post from 11/08 and the slide that it inspired.

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Frontline Librarian said...

Following someone else’s best practices misses the point. The focus is all wrong. It was not the practices or policies or procedures that brought acclaim – instead it was the creative, innovative people who envisioned it and made it a reality. But it is much, much easier to copy the structure than to create the substance. Hiring the right people forces an organization to confront the current status of their employees and make hard decisions about how to get from where they are to where they need to be. Much, much easier to take someone else’s blueprints and tattoo them on your existing organization. Be warned – cheap imitations are hollow, and while they may look pretty to start with, they don’t have much staying power.

I had missed the original posts you linked – thought provoking stuff. Thanks!

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