Abram on Change

I just finished reading Stephen Abram's opening article in this month's SirsiDynix OneSource newsletter and I just gotta say that I'm a) floored ... and b) IMPRESSED!!

It's not often you see a company putting the human side at the top of their corporate-speak publication. But Stephen's thoughts, insights and openness are saying a lot to me personally about the new SirsiDynix. I know that transparency is hard to achieve - even in the good times! Which makes me appreciate even more the honesty in his words. View the full article here: Change – Arrghhhhh!

As my library system is undergoing change ourselves with a pending reorganization, I can relate even more to these words of wisdom:

The Final Stage: Commitment

When we commit to the change, we start focusing on the future instead of dwelling on the past. We develop a clearer sense of our roles – and where the future is going – and how it empowers and enlightens our own visions of where we want to succeed in supporting learning and communities. In this stage, our success is dependent on consolidating the change and cutting the strings to the past. If we stay in two camps too long, we damage our ability to invest in our future. We must ensure that we recognize and reward people who are responding well to the change. We also need to recognize some change resistance as positive, if it’s able to be turned into good feedback on how to implement the changes more effectively. Seeing all change resistance as “bad” empowers the resisters as negative contributors, instead of as critical thinkers.

Thanks Stephen.


James said...

You must not be a SirsiDynix customer.

The timing of this article just after SirsiDynix announced they were dropping the upcoming Horizon 8 release caused an uproar among current Dynix and Horizon users. Basically, many were offended by the article which implied to them that they need to just accept the announcement and the so-called "Rome" replacement based on an old Unicorn platform. It didn't sit well, to say the least.

The "new SirsiDynix" you speak of is now driven by its new venture capital company, Vista. It doesn't bode well for the future of innovation at SirsiDynix.

HeleneB said...


On the contrary, My library is a SD library and in fact, I personally lead the migration of classic dynix t o Horizon 7.34 just two years ago.

While I can understand why many people are upset about the merger & buyout, it's a fact of life - change happens. You either need to roll with it and roll out of the way.

Personally I'm rolling with it and appreciate open those who are trying to change with the culture rather then stand in it's way.