5 Why Nots

Tony Tallent over at Yes to Know offers up a great list to get a new meme started, 5 Why Nots - small (or big) ideas to try in your library. Here's my additions off the top of my head. Take 'em for what their worth and ditto to Tony's sentiment if your library is already doing these.

My 5 why nots? Here they are:

Why not...
  1. allow multiple renewals on checked out items and keep books in the hands of your users rather then on the shelves.
  2. use the PA system to share friendly announcements and promos at the top of each hour. Record them in advance, add music and make them sound appealing.
  3. showcase local artists work (including school art) 365 days a year.
  4. do storytime & puppet show birthday parties (for a fee too!). Make sure every kid attending gets a library card and show them how much fun a library can be.
  5. offer a mylar cover wrapping service for a small fee. I think there are tons of booklovers out there who adore this service.

OK, that's my 5 for the evening ... what's yours?


Anonymous said...

Why not:
- collect customer comments and make them into giant banners to hang inside/outside
- add framed art prints by local artists to your circulating collection
- make a "grab & run" display of recent bestsellers right by your front entrance for busy folks to scoop up
- create a graphic novel from your employee manual (back to front) and nudge all us traditonal text-types out of our comfort zone
- live breathe and sell the Library IIDEA - the Library informs, inspires, delights and educates all

sylvie said...

the youth staff at my library are really excited about the idea of hosting birthday parties. The wanted me to asked if you knew of any library already doing that or considering it so the can contact them for idea exchanges.