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I've been intrigued by the "sticky" factor lately. It seems to have also become one of the latest buzz words for great book titles (& subtitles).

Anyway, here’s an example of something that's "sticky" - at least to me.

What makes this site's flash header so captivating is how well it spins a story. From the opening frames (and sentence), I find myself glued to the screen just to see what happens next. And guess that's what "sticky" is to me; a memorable experience that makes me want more.

Don't ask me where this post is going. To be honest I haven't a clue. But what I do know is that there is something very "sticky" about good storytelling... and I can't think of better place to benefit from this glue then libraries. :)

PS: I'd love to see what NTI Upstream could do with a library marketing campaign. How about you? :)

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