Lots to share ... what a great day!!!

Yesterday I had privilege of hosting PLCMC's 2nd Technology Summit on Virtual Worlds, Gaming and Beyond and we couldn't have asked for more dynamic speakers. Lori Bell (with Second Life colleague Rhonda Trueman) kicked off the event, which offered a 45 minute gaming break -- Yes, we had staff play with Wiis, DDR, Guitar Hero, networked laptop games, Second Life, and ImaginOn's animation station for a full 45 minutes (see the Flickr shots) -- before Stephen Abram wrapped up the day with his always entertaining words of wisdom and futuristic forecast.

For myself, this was both the kick-off and culmination of weeks and months of planning with two very important and exciting programs finally kicked off. And as if things couldn't get better, Matt Gullett made the day even more fanastic by adding a 3rd and very exciting announcement:

  • Learning 2.1: Explore... Discover... Play! is a long overdue continuation of Learning 2.0 and is something that staff have asked me about for months. Much like the original program, the emphasis in on play and discovery! However, this time instead of having 23 predefined things to explore, the program will be ongoing with guest bloggers rotating and taking the helm each month as Learning Guides. To help staff members (or for that matter participants all over the globe) connect, we've also set up a Learning 2.1 Ning network and for those of you who aren't into the whole sn thing, there is also an easy to use wiki so you can let other people know you're participating. Check it out and feel free to join. - mashing up 21st century skills with lifelong learning. :)

  • PLCMC Technology Scholars Program - This one was one of those ideas that was born in the shower as I was pondering how to add an emphasis to our library system in the area of new and emerging technology that could benefit all staff. Like many libraries, we have staff (especially on the front lines) that have great ideas; its just what they don't have is time or resources to make their ideas fly. The PLCMC Technology Scholars Program is answer to this dilemma and provides the opportunity for four staff members a year (two every 6 months) to take up to a 6 month leave from the regular daily grind and focus their attention on a technology project that they wish to lead. I'm really excited about this program because I feel it's just the type of thing we need to be doing more of within all our libraries - giving staff members the ability to fly with their ideas - and I can't wait to see some of the great ideas that are proposed and the results (both good and bad) that are created. If you're interested in how we've set this program up, here's a pdf of FAQs I developed for staff.

  • PLCMC Experimental Gaming Lab - This exciting announcement was also shared yesterday by Matt Gullett, PLCMC's Emerging Technology Manager which establishes a partnership between PLCMC and Syracuse University School of Information Studies' Gaming Lab, University of North Carolina, Charlotte (UNCC) and Youth Digital Arts Cyberschool and someone else that I'm forgetting. The lab itself will be located at the Main Library in the Virtual Village (our 100 PC internet lab). Since I don't have all the details on all that this new lab and partnership will detail, I'll just have to point you to Matt's blog. If you don't have it added to your RSS feeds yet, I would recommend it. I'm sure he'll posting updates as the lab develops.
Anyway, as you can see, it really was a great day! And hosting Stephen Abram and Lori Bell for the day was really the icing on the cake. Thanks so much to you both!!!

Since I was so busy coordinating things, I didn't have an opportunity to blog any notes. However I did see a few staff in the audience with laptops, so I'm sure there will be something to point you towards soon.

PS: Sorry for the long post. I know I'm generally not this wordy... but as you can see I had a lot to share. :)

PPS: On vacation for the next week and half. Yup, after all this, I need some time to decompress and relax.


Anonymous said...

The other partner in the Game Lab is Capcom Entertainment, Inc.

: )

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear your Technology Scholars program has taken flight! This is a fantastic idea that will inspire me (and many others, I know)to seek new ways to encourage innovation amongst the great library staff we have now, and hope to attract in the future!